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Freelance Responsive Senior Web designer & Developer from Hyderabad india

freelancer webdesigner sreenubfa hyderabad

Freelance Responsive Senior Web designer & Developer from India, with a Zeal to make Impossible as Possible.

I like to create innovative things in every part of my work which makes the design edge of art.


When I came to know that I am interested in creating things, I thought it was the piece of cake that has to be graped. But I wanted to be recognized as one of the fine art. Today I don't give a hoot in hell about that. The mission of my art is to explain and take the communication in the visualized process to the people.


Acquiring Nature: Likes to Visit Villages and have a heart touch feel of the naturality.
Painting: Would like to create wonders in paintings.
New Media: Researching and exploring on the Internet.
Object-oriented programming: Acquiring new ideas and creative thoughts in Development of Market research and A to Z Business Solutions.

Spoken Languages

  • Telugu
  • English


Learning new internet skills, Painting, Browsing new technologies around the world, Like to go out on a long drive on a light drizzling day, likes to discover new things on a pleasant sea shore and the most interesting thing last but not least having ice cream on a rainy day.

Favorite colors - White

My Business Websites

My Corporate IT Business Website:


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Sreenubfa Finearts Final Year - Advertising Campaign
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Sreenubfa Professional Resume


The Logo

freelancer finearts webdesigner in hyderabad

Logo is a monogram with a brush representing “IN-FINEARTS”. And the round shape represents eye ball that means visualization

The theme (Day & Night)freelancer in hyderabad india

There is no dark and light in the art, we have a great feel where we have art.

The boat and the water shows that the client journey made easy towards us. The two persons represents research in a sensitive environment where an artist prefer to work. The bird means observations from various aspects.

Hereby, I would like to assure that we provide outstanding results in the work by good market research and keen observation.

Green grass shows the freshness in the ideas.

We have light on the top reflects that your brand is brought into light at our place.

Camera showcases & captury the creative environment

Technical Skills

My skills are primarily in BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) Specialized in Applied Arts & Visual Communications.

Photoshop CS3+
Illustrator CS3+
CorelDraw X3+
Flash CS3+
Dream weaver CS3+
Responsive Design & Development
HTML, HTML 5, XHTML, Div Tags,
SEO, SEM, Social Media

Work Experience

Creative Freelance Responsive Web designer & Developer, from Hyderabad india

Web Designer & Developer ( Web Design, Development & Graphic Design)
About Me : My name is SREENU, Working in Trewport Techno Consulting Private Limited. as a Senior Responsive Web designer & Developer. I have 5+ years experience as Senior Web Designer & Developer. On this curriculam vitae you will find my personal graphic & Web designs portfolio. My Design services ( Graphic & Web designs) are available on this curriculum vitae. I am self-employed as graphic designer, specialising in design fields and implementing marketing promotions for small businesses such as Campaign, corporate identity (logo), web, print and branding designs. I spend most of my time in de designing logos, websites, stationery, packaging and many more.


Quality Focus

We provide work with quality and create ideas are always evoked in the work. I guarantee you that I can offer professional services. Maintaining quality and creating ideas that are always evoked in the work. I can assure you that professional services are offered.


we communicate with our concepts globally and creatively to products or any services.


Honesty, honor and pride. We honor our commitments. We value individuals and their right to express dissent

Freelance Creative Services in Hyderabad India


Graduation :

Bachelor of Fine Arts ( B.F.A)

University : J.N.T.U, Andhrapradesh, India

(Applied arts and Visual communications), “Advertising & Design” From JNTU College of Fine Arts, Hyderabad -28, Andhra Pradesh, India.

College : Nagarjuna Junior College, Haliya, Board of intermediate, Nalgonda District, AP

School : Siddardha Vidhyanikethan, Peddavoora, Board of SSC, Nalgonda District, AP
2001 - 2002

I'm interested in everything that crosses design in nature.


Mobile: +91 9948867536,
E-mail: [email protected]

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Believes on God but doesn’t pray in front of any idol because the ideas and the thoughts I have needed to be fulfilled by myself by applying hardwork.

As a pixel in my design is important,
every second in my life is also equally important.

Iam always in Search of Something,
But, I have't lost anything.

I don't think about past,
because i may loose my present. and
I don't even think about the present,
as I'm preplanned about my future.

I don't want to hurt someone
and I don't want to get hurt because of someone

If you think its a destiny you'll be there itself,
but if you feel its in you, you can make a history.

I don't believe in what I see,
I believe in what I feel

I want to taste everything,
but don't want to be a slave of anything

Iam Satisfied that Iam Working
But, I will be fully Satisfied by providing work to others.

Naa Dreams

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