Kotaku’s review of Fallout 4 is fantastic

A great game with a lot of potential, Fallout 4 has been a disappointment for me for a while now.

It has always felt like an afterthought, a product to fill the gap left by Bethesda’s next big IP, Dishonored.

Fallout 4 wasn’t perfect, but it was better than the first game in the series, and it delivered on a promise of action-adventure gaming at its most visceral.

Bethesda’s marketing team did a great job of bringing Fallout 4 to the masses, but its story is a disappointment.

The developers never got the opportunity to tell the story of how Bethesda created an open world that can’t really be beat.

And that’s not a criticism.

Fallout is an interesting game, and its narrative is fun, but Fallout 4’s biggest selling point is that it’s a perfect fit for VR.

Fallout, at its core, is a sandbox RPG.

You play as an outsider in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, looking for a way out.

There’s a huge, open world, a vast wasteland full of dangers and quests, and you’ll never have to leave the safety of your home.

The game is free-to-play, and the most compelling aspect of the experience is that, unlike other open-world RPGs, you can explore Fallout’s vast landscape with other players, not only exploring the wasteland but also engaging in side quests and crafting.

The only thing Fallout 4 really lacks is a proper story.

Bethesda didn’t make a good first impression with Fallout 4, but a lot has changed since then.

I’m a big fan of Fallout’s open world and its sandbox RPG elements, and Fallout 4 succeeds by delivering a great story that has an immersive and immersive, but ultimately non-linear feel.

Fallout’s main problem is that its story and the game’s mechanics are built around the idea of players escaping the apocalypse.

If Fallout 4 fails to deliver the kind of story that people wanted, then Fallout 4 will have failed as a great open-ended game, one that can be played for hours on end without ever feeling like you’re stuck.

It’s hard to find a great first impression when Bethesda has a game that’s only loosely based on the first Fallout game.

The first Fallout 4 did something right in many ways.

The story and mechanics of Fallout: New Vegas felt like they were inspired by the first Bethesda game, Dishons game, but in the game itself the story is just a bunch of pre-rendered cutscenes.

It takes place in a small town called Lonesome Road, and while you’re given a few snippets of backstory about the town, the bulk of the game takes place outside of Lonesom.

That makes sense, since Fallout is based around a postapocalyptic world that’s still a bit mysterious to outsiders, and Lonesomeness is the main setting of the story.

But if you’re not familiar with the Fallout series, it’s hard not to be sucked into the world of Fallout and the world-building.

The world itself is set in a bleak post-nuclear wasteland, populated by the remnants of the military that were once the Commonwealth.

But those remnants have been taken over by a cult that’s controlled the wasteland.

This cult, called the Brotherhood of Steel, have built a massive bunker on the edge of the wasteland that serves as the base for all of their activities.

The bunker is also home to the mysterious Sole Survivor, who has been living in the bunker for some time, and who has become a powerful ally for the Sole Survivor.

The Sole Survivor has become the leader of the Solekage, the group that has been given the mission to stop the Brotherhood.

You’ll eventually encounter this group of survivors and their leader, Doc Mitchell.

As the Soleks leader, Mitchell will eventually try to convince the Soleakage to help him get rid of the Brotherhood, and in order to do that, he’ll have to overcome a few challenges.

You can see this challenge from the start, as the Soleketeers base of operations is actually a huge military installation called the Bunker.

There are a lot more enemies than in the first Dishonred, but the majority of them are basically the same, but there are some new ones and some familiar faces.

The Bunker is filled with enemies, including the Brotherhood and a bunch more.

The main story in Fallout 4 begins with you in Lonesomes Bunker.

The base is empty and your only interaction with the world is through a series of side quests, which is a welcome change for the first few hours of the campaign.

The side quests take place in the Bunker, and they’re basically the Fallout 2’s sidequests, except they have new content.

They have some new enemies and a new area to explore, and some side quests involve solving puzzles or defeating enemies.

These quests don’t seem to make much of an impact on the story, and instead serve as a distraction from the main quest.

But the sidequesters are what make

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