German authorities open up to the possibility of virtual assistants in Germany

The country’s federal interior ministry said on Monday that it is open to the idea of virtual assistant workers as well as the possibility to hire a full-time staff.

The move came after the Interior Ministry announced earlier this year that it would create a national office to look into hiring virtual assistants for its interior and civil services, the ministry said.

A spokesman for the ministry told The Associated Press on Monday there are no concrete plans to open a fully-fledged virtual assistant office.

In the past, the federal government has tried to establish a national hiring agency for virtual assistants, but the effort was stopped by opposition parties.

The new announcement said that the government would look at the issue of the possibility and, if needed, the use of virtual workers.

The federal government would set up a virtual assistant hiring agency, the spokesman said.

“The federal government considers that the potential for virtual employees is very high and that, if the state is able to implement a national policy to create and develop such a national agency, it will have a very strong influence on the creation of virtual jobs,” the spokesman added.

The spokesman declined to provide details on how the state would decide who would be hired to work for the office.

Virtual assistants are used in a number of professions, from accounting to accounting consulting, but they are most commonly employed by people who are looking for work or looking for a part-time job, said David Schulte, director of the European Centre for Virtualization and Applications at Tilburg University.

Schultes, who specializes in digital assistants, said virtual assistants are typically employed by the companies who want them, rather than the government.

Virtual assistant jobs are typically a relatively small part of the jobs market, but companies have a lot of flexibility in how they use them, he said.

The government is not the first country to try to use virtual assistants to help with government operations.

In 2010, Belgium launched a virtual agency to manage its unemployment insurance system, which was largely automated.

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