Which companies are best for freelance interior design?

AUSTRALIA’S top three firms are offering a slew of freelance interior designers.

Here’s what you need to know.


Kincora Design & Design (NSW) Kincoras work as freelance interior and lifestyle designers, creating high-end custom home furnishings, kitchenettes, home décor and much more.


Diamant Designs (NSFTA) The company’s founder and CEO, Michael Diamants, said the company had built up a reputation as a creative agency for interior design clients over the years.

“We’re just looking to build on that, with the people we’ve had,” he said.


Zebra Homes (Vic) Zebra houses are available in a range of sizes and styles and are also available to rent.

“I’ve been working in this space for many years and I really like it,” Ms Kincoras owner, Lisa Haines, said.

“People always want to know how they can get in touch with us, so that is really exciting.”


Avanti Architecture (NS) Avantis are designed and built in Australia and have a diverse portfolio of products including office furniture, furniture for kitchens, and home decor.


Tilt House (VIC) Tilt houses are designed by local designers and are often located in Sydney and Melbourne.

“There are many, many different types of layouts we’re building,” Ms Hainys said.


Mabini (VICT) Mabinis are small spaces designed for individual, intimate spaces.

The company is based in Brisbane and is one of the leading small-business owners in the country.


Tressel (VAC) The studio has been a fixture in Sydney’s CBD since the 1960s.

Ms Hains said the firm had been building the design of new homes in Sydney since 2008.

“It’s just a real pleasure to work with people in that space,” she said.


Aventi (VOT) “The Aventis are one of Australia’s most renowned design firms,” said its founder, Aventilio Fazio.

“Their clientele spans a range from the most exclusive luxury homes in the world to everyday home owners, with designs that have been recognised by the likes of the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Royal Society of Australia and the Australian Institute of Architects.”


The Brico Group (VAT) The Blico Group is a Melbourne-based design and development firm that focuses on interior design.

“The Blicos range spans a wide range of clients from the highly respected private home builders and designers, to the more casual home buyers,” the firm said.


The Pimlico (VAS) “We love to work on home improvement projects for the community and the local community,” Mr Faziello said.


Lorna Designs (VIR) Lornas designs are typically residential and office furniture.

The firm’s owners are located in Melbourne’s CBD.

“Our clients include some of the biggest names in the construction industry,” Mr Hainy said.


The Gulliver Architects (VNO) “This company is very much based in Sydney, and our clientele is predominantly from the city,” Mr Pimentel said.


Blythe Architects (NSFW) “It is one thing to design a home, it is another thing entirely to build one,” Mr Diamantes said.


The Lincolns (VZ) “Blythe is the world’s leading small office furniture designer, and they have a fantastic collection of work that is both stylish and practical,” Mr Kincorbas owner said.


Lillie Designs (NT) The Lillies design collection is an eclectic mix of industrial, industrial, home and retail design.

It is based at the Nurnberg Design Centre in Sydney.


Aperi Architects (NTS) The Aperis collection of interior designs features a range the company describes as “alluring”.

“This collection is a blend of styles and materials, and the work has a contemporary and traditional feel,” the company said.


Kale Architects (ACT) “As a boutique design agency we offer a diverse range of products, which includes customised furniture, office furniture and office accessories,” Kale said.


A-M Designs (ACTN) A-m Designs is the “flagship design agency of the A-Town Melbourne, a boutique Melbourne residential development”.

“We have a broad portfolio of high-quality products,” the agency said.


The Withers (VAR) “Our award-winning designs include home furnishers, office fixtures and office furnishings,” the Apericoes head of design, Dr John Wither, said in a statement.

“This clientele includes some of Melbourne’s top residential real estate developers and developers, as

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