‘I love this’: Australian man tells of the night he got a tattoo on his arm

Written by James Smithing It’s a story that could very well be a classic of tattoo art.

Aspiring tattoo artist John Taylor, 33, walked out of the Sydney tattoo parlour where he worked last month with a tattoo that reads ‘Blessed’ on his forearm.

“The guy had put a tattoo of his name on my arm, but it was just a random piece of art,” Mr Taylor said.

“It’s just a reminder to me that I’m not the only person in the world who gets tattoos.”‘

I don’t know why they put me here’Mr Taylor’s story is a familiar one to those of us who have gone through an ink-splattered life.

“I don, at least, have a couple of tattoos,” he said.

Mr Taylor said he got the tattoo when he was 16, while his girlfriend was 18 and he was 21.

“At that time I was living in a house with my mum and my stepdad, and I had been dating my ex-girlfriend for a while,” he explained.

“So I got a lot of tattoos.”

As I got older, it started to get a little bit more detailed and it became more and more pronounced.””

I’ve had some pretty severe burns on my forearm and I was going through a bit of a tattoo crisis, so I decided to go to the tattoo parlor and ask them if they could give me some more tattoos,” Mr Thompson said.

The tattoo artist said the tattoo artist who gave him the tattoo, a man named Scott, seemed to be a “really nice guy” and had been a tattoo artist in Sydney for many years.”

They just said they couldn’t give me a tattoo because it was too graphic and I don’t think I was happy about it,” Mr Thomson said.

After asking the man why he had given Mr Taylor a tattoo, Mr Taylor was told the tattoo had been done on a woman’s forearm.

Mr Thompson said the man who gave Mr Taylor the tattoo was “very angry” about the incident and left without giving Mr Taylor any further instructions.”

He came back and said he had the right to remove the tattoo on me because I didn’t pay him for it,” he recounted.”

That was the first time I’d ever been told to leave.

“Mr Thompson went back to the shop and asked for more tattoos, but was told that the tattoo wasn’t his.”

When I went in the shop, I just walked in, I thought, ‘This is not right’,” he said, adding that the shop had never asked for any further information before it removed the tattoo.

Mr Thomson was told his original decision had been made before he walked in the door.”

In fact, I said, ‘You know, if you’d told me this would happen I wouldn’t have been here, and that’s the last thing I’d ask for’,” he recalled.”

And they said, well, well you know, we’d like to know why you did this, but that’s it.

“If you want more tattoos please go back to my shop and ask for them, and we’ll send you more.”‘

We all have these stories’Tattooed to the ‘eye of the storm’For many of us, getting a tattoo is an experience of sorts.

“There are so many stories out there about what tattoos mean and how they affect you and your life,” Mr Harris said.

He said it was important to understand the process and the benefits of getting one.

“You know when you get a tattoo it’s a big deal, but you don’t realise how important it is, and it’s really important that you understand it, you understand the benefits, and you do your research,” he told ABC News.

“Because there are so few people out there who are fully aware of what they’re getting themselves into, people are just starting to get tattoos without understanding the process.”

Mr Harris said tattooing could also be an investment for someone.

“With a tattoo you’re investing in yourself, you’re getting your identity back, you’ve got your body back, and this is a really important part of your identity,” he added.

“We all need to be careful that we don’t get too much of it, but if we all want to get that tattoo, that’s fine.”

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