Why Fiverr is now a full-fledged freelancer platform, according to CEO

Fiverrs chief executive officer has announced that he is launching a new company, Fiverria, in partnership with Fiverrr, a new startup.

In a blog post published Thursday, Fivers CEO Adam Levin explained why he decided to go full-time as a freelancer, adding that Fiverrus has more than doubled its user base since it launched in February.

“We’re at a point in time where we’re going to see a massive growth in the number of freelancers,” Levin said in the blog post.

“As we grow, we’re also going to be creating new opportunities for the Fiverrin community to work together.”

Levin added that Fivers’ core focus will be providing the best content possible, but he’s also working on other projects.

He also said that the new company will continue to operate like a traditional business, with Fivers employees making decisions about what content is published, as well as when to publish.

The company will focus on a number of areas, Levin wrote, including the following:Brand loyalty.

Levin said that FIVERS has already reached out to its customers to offer them an extra discount, as they continue to make purchases on Fiverrn.com and the Fivers Marketplace.

“The most important part of this deal is for our customers to feel like they are contributing to our brand and our community,” he said.

“This means more content, more reviews, and more feedback from our users.

And if we continue to reach out to them and offer the best service possible, we will continue creating value for them and their customers.”

He said that, like the rest of Fivers, FIVERRS customer base has grown by over 100,000 users in the past year alone. 

And Fivers has also added new features in recent months: the ability to pay for items with FIVERRSA tokens (FIVERR), and the ability for users to view the entire FiverRSA portfolio on the site. 

Levin also said the company will be building out a mobile app, adding to its already extensive list of services, like Fiverrons API, that enable users to manage their account.

And the company has made a number improvements to its website, including a redesigned interface, improved analytics, and new ways to find content and content management tools. 

The new company is the latest in a series of moves to diversify its business. 

Earlier this month, FIVERS announced that it will be launching a mobile payment app in 2018, and last week, it announced that FIVERRR would be relaunching in 2019.

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