IOS developer Hollister says it will quit on iOS due to “increasingly aggressive and intrusive ads”


A week from now, iOS users will be able to turn on “ad blockers” to block intrusive, annoying and sometimes distracting ads, which are becoming more common in modern smartphones.

A new report from Hollister, a software developer that helps businesses manage their social media accounts, predicts that by 2021, the average number of advertisements on iOS will increase by around 100%, while they will decrease by around 40%.

The number of times the app “stops responding to user interactions will increase dramatically, and the amount of ads shown will increase.”

The article notes that in addition to blocking ads, iOS is increasingly being used by people to “read and respond to the content of social media posts”.

The platform is also being used for “online stalking”, where the app is being used to track users and send messages to them.

There are also “surveillance applications” that collect personal information from people’s phones and track their movements.

This is all part of a trend of the modern world, as advertisers increasingly use their products to monitor and sell information to their advertisers, in a bid to win consumers.

It’s not all bad news.

“Hollister’s analysis shows that advertising and engagement on social media platforms are on the rise, and this growth will continue to accelerate as the demand for more personalised content is increased,” the company said in a statement.

“While the number of ads will increase, we expect that the overall size of these ads will decrease over time as we continue to adopt more effective solutions to the problem of intrusive, intrusive and intrusive advertisements.”

Hollister’s report predicts that as the number and type of ads increase, “it will become increasingly difficult to identify the source of the content and/or identify and remove the ads”.

So, for now, it seems, “ad blocking” may be the only option available to users of iOS.

What do you think?

Let us know in the comments below.

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