‘You could buy an Aston Martin here’: UK tax experts discuss the impact of the Brexit vote

A tax office in the UK has been forced to shut down as a result of Brexit, after it became clear that the UK was unable to collect enough tax from UK-based companies.

The tax office had previously told customers that it would continue to process the taxes until the UK had collected enough tax to cover its budget.

The UK Treasury has now been told that the tax office is no longer able to collect the funds needed to pay its bills.

The British Taxation Office (BTO) told the BBC it had been asked by the government to halt its business operations and that it will no longer accept payment in cash from UK companies.

“We were not expecting that we would be told this week that we were no longer collecting any tax from the UK,” said BTO director Simon Broun.

The BTO has received a letter from the government saying it can no longer collect UK tax because of Brexit.

“There is no way we can continue to operate,” he added.

The company’s customers were told it would be unable to accept payments in cash until UK tax collection had recovered.

UK companies have been hit hard by the Brexit uncertainty as the UK voted to leave the European Union, leaving them unable to take part in global tax competition.

BTO told customers the company was working to process payments from UK businesses, but it was unclear how much they would be able to pay.

It also noted that it had received requests from businesses in the European Economic Area to transfer money to its accounts.

The BBC’s Nick Robinson reports from London.

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