‘Bravest’ job posting on Craigslist sparks online craze for Disney animators

An animator with a penchant for adventure is on the hunt for a new gig, and he’s looking for a spot at Disney’s Walt Disney World Resort.

The job posting for the Disney Animator position says that “The Disney Animators are the artists who create animation in the Disney parks and the Magic Kingdom.”

Disney has been working to bring more and more people into its parks since it opened in 1971.

Now, the theme park company is looking to fill a niche that is often filled by more experienced animators.

A Disney employee at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., said he’s been working on projects since the park opened and said he had been approached by someone in the past to work at Disney World.

The Disney employee said he knew he’d have to learn more about the position, and had no idea who the Disney employee was until now.

The hiring process for the new Disney Animatist position is different than those of the previous jobs.

The job posting says that Disney will use a “vast” amount of creativity and creativity in creating the animations.

Disney is looking for the animators to be creative, creative with their talent, and talented with their work.

The Disney Animatoire is not expected to be a full-time job.

The Disneyland animator said that he is not in a position to provide full creative control, but he said he would be able to handle some of the tasks.

He said that the Disney animator is looking forward to working with the new job.

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