UK’s biggest tech companies hire 100 new staff to boost productivity

Business Insider UK has confirmed that more than 100 freelancers have been hired by a group of UK tech companies to boost their productivity, with more than $2bn being spent on this process.

As part of the £7m investment, 100 people have been trained to write content for the UK’s top 10 tech companies.

These new staff will be responsible for creating content, social media marketing, and the production of content for clients, according to the Guardian.

A spokesperson for the IT-services giant, BT, said the investment was “a step in the right direction” and would boost productivity and create “more people doing what we do”.

“It is great to see so many talented people applying for work at our company,” BT said.

“It’s a good reminder of how valuable it is to have the right skills in place, and we’re constantly looking for the next best thing.”

The majority of BT’s UK employees are freelancers who have recently started working for the firm, with around half of the people in the UK freelancing.

These freelancers are often based in the US, Germany, France, and Spain, as well as India, Japan, South Korea, China, Australia, and South Africa.BT said its new hire will help “increase productivity” in the digital space.

The company said it will also work with its UK staff to find new ways to streamline its digital operations.

The Guardian has contacted the IT companies to ask about the new hire.

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