How to create a great resume and CV for your future

Freelance freelance architect and freelance freelancers are the next generation of creative professionals.

And with a growing number of job seekers applying for freelance jobs, it’s time to create an attractive resume and cover letter that will make your prospective employer notice you.

We spoke to freelance architecture students about the best ways to create cover letters that will be attractive to employers.


Avoid too many words about your job.

A resume should be as short as possible, with as few words as possible.

And, to avoid wasting time on repetitive questions or superfluous details, avoid using overly-long words and paragraphs.

If possible, create a cover letter with at least 10 words.

For example, a resume could be as simple as, “Hi, I’m from Brooklyn, NY and I’m a freelance architecture student.”


Keep your cover letter simple.

It should only contain information about the position you’re applying for, your background and experience, and a few brief references.

Avoid using too many or complex language, and include no references to previous job opportunities.


Avoid over-using technical terms.

Many people believe that a resume should include only the most important information, but it doesn’t.

Instead, keep it simple and include information that is relevant to the job.

For instance, you could write: My name is Jason and I’ve been working in the architecture industry for the past three years.

My main role is designing and managing buildings.

I also work as a project manager for a nonprofit organization.


Include a reference.

If you’re interviewing for a position, it is a good idea to include a reference for each position.

A good reference is important because it gives you a sense of who your prospective employers are, as well as who they may look to for a new hire.

For the reference, use your resume’s photos and resume link to highlight the position’s name and contact information.


Use images.

Use photos of your previous jobs, your projects and a brief summary of the role that you are applying for.

For an architecture job, this is important so you can easily reference your previous experience, work and project.

If a cover note is included, it should be the same size as your resume.

For more tips on creating a cover letters, check out the full article: How to Create a Great Resume and CV For Your Future article

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