Why freelancers should be more concerned about their compensation

Freelancers are being asked to pay more than ever to work for them, according to an internal survey of gig economy workers that suggests they may not be getting the best return on investment.

The survey, conducted by Kiva, a startup that connects businesses to freelancers, found that of the roughly 9,000 respondents who answered the survey, roughly 3 in 4 of those respondents said they did not feel compensated well for the work they did.

That was the first time Kiva found that freelancers felt they were not getting a fair return from their work.

Kiva surveyed 2,100 gig economy and freelancing workers, and found that 73% of respondents said their wages were not commensurate with the work done.

The median hourly wage of workers in the gig economy was $26.71, according the survey.

The lowest median hourly wages were in the $13.78 range.

More than 90% of the freelancers surveyed said they were offered the opportunity to work less hours, but that was the most common reason cited.

Kiva asked workers to rank their experience of working at a company, and most said they would be willing to work fewer hours if they could earn more, but those workers also said they felt their pay was not commencurate with their work, according a statement from Kiva.

Kivabes data also showed that fewer than half of respondents in the survey said they received a “fair” return for their work time, with the vast majority of those workers saying their compensation was not even close to what they could get for their time.

Kia, the third-largest U.S. gig economy firm, said it would pay more to attract and retain freelancers and that the survey was not indicative of its compensation practices.

“While we believe that the vast bulk of our employees do contribute a significant amount to the company and to our business, the survey also shows that many of our freelancers feel their compensation is not commencing to meet expectations for what they are paid,” the company said in a statement.

“While we do not have a full-time compensation program, we do recognize that we need to address this issue, and will continue to work with the workforce to ensure that we offer fair compensation.”

The survey also found that nearly a third of freelancers said they have not been compensated well by their employers.

The vast majority, 63%, said they had not received a fair share of their pay for their hours worked.

That’s despite the fact that most of the gig workers surveyed said their hourly pay is not competitive with other workers in their field.

The survey found that 80% of freelancing freelancers reported that they were paid more than other workers, while 38% of gig workers said their pay exceeded their peers in their industry.

Kia said it’s a “huge misconception” that it’s harder to get a job if you don’t have a college degree.

Kiara, a service startup that provides online courses, said in its statement that it is committed to helping the vast numbers of people who are seeking out the freelance world.

“It’s no secret that there are some freelancers who do not want to work at all and are just looking for a chance to make a few extra bucks,” Kiara CEO Adam Kallman said.

“We are committed to creating a world where everyone has the opportunity and opportunity to pursue their passion.

We believe in supporting everyone who is seeking a new career.”

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