How the World’s Most Dangerous Job is Being Hired for $80,000 an Hour

Writers, editors, and writers at The Atlantic are now finding themselves in a precarious position.

The New Yorker, a newspaper that’s traditionally been the most prestigious, recently laid off a slew of writers, and other publications are being forced to look to freelance talent for their content.

But freelancers aren’t the only ones struggling.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of freelancers working full-time increased from 5 percent of the U.S. workforce in 2012 to nearly 13 percent in 2017, which is up from less than 5 percent in 2012.

But according to the National Employment Law Project, the majority of freelancing jobs are not as lucrative as they used to be.

In 2015, according to BLS, there were 2.5 million full-timers, and now, according the National Women’s Law Center, there are more than 4 million full time employees working on a freelance basis.

That means that while the labor market for full-timer writers has grown significantly, the labor pool for freelance writers has also grown dramatically.

According the BLS’s 2016 full-year employment report, “the total number of full- and part-time full- time workers in the United States increased by 2.1 million from 2016 to 2017, while the total number employed full- or part-timing workers fell by 2 million.”

The BLS data suggests that while there are many more full-times now, that growth has come largely at the expense of freelance writers.

While the number working full time in 2016 was about 1.5 percent of all full-workers in the country, according BLS estimates, it was about 6 percent of full time workers that year.

According a recent study by the Economic Policy Institute, freelancers make up only 6 percent to 9 percent of American workers, meaning that the freelancers in question are only 3.5 to 5.5 times more likely to work in the workforce than the people who do.

“When it comes to the number and percentage of Americans working full or part time, it’s not surprising that the overall labor force is shrinking,” BLS senior economist Ryan Calo wrote in a recent blog post.

“This is a trend that we’ve seen for the last two decades, and we can see it in our own data.”

While it’s true that the majority, if not all, jobs for freelance workers have been shrinking, it isn’t a reason to think that freelancers are making up the majority.

According BLS numbers, only about 15 percent of freelance workers were part- time in 2015.

By 2020, it would be less than half that.

And while the number that do work full-and- part-time has grown, the jobs that are not have declined.

“The share of full and part time workers who are full time is on the decline in all industries,” Calo said.

“And the trend is in a downward trend.”

That trend has been seen in the hiring of freelance jobs by employers.

In the last four years, the Bureau found that, on average, employers have hired more full time jobs than part- and temp workers.

And that trend has continued, Calo noted.

“In the last year, full time and part timers have increased at a rate similar to the decline we see for full time, while temp and part timer positions have declined.”

And while that trend is likely driven by higher wages, it has also led to more people taking unpaid positions, which could be contributing to the shrinking workforce.

In fact, the decline of freelance positions is a common finding.

As the Atlantic’s Sarah Dutton explained in her blog post, freelancer jobs have also been disappearing, even as they have become more and more attractive.

As she pointed out, when I was freelancing, I was getting paid $8.25 per hour.

Now, my freelance position pays me about $2.50 an hour.

That’s a significant wage cut.

“As a freelancer, you don’t get a lot of flexibility.

You’re working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, seven years a year, on a full time contract, and so the pay is lower than it was before you got into it,” Dutton said.

But as the jobs for full and temporary workers have declined, the wages for freelance jobs have continued to increase.

“That has created an opportunity for those folks who have been out of work for so long to get back into the labor force and make some money,” Durden said.

In a recent interview with The Atlantic, Dutton pointed to one of the major challenges facing the freelance workforce, one that is a real concern for the authors of The Atlantic’s new book, “How to Be a Good Freelancer: An Essay on the Future of Freelance Work.”

“In this age of low-paying and insecure jobs

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