How to build a new logo for a newspaper

Contributors 2 title The new logo has been born article A new logo is starting to emerge for a major newspaper.

The Washington Times is expected to release a new design later this week.

The new look will be a mix of modern and classic colors.

A lot of people have been clamoring for a new look, especially with the recession hitting and people feeling a need for a bit more individuality.

The Times will likely launch a redesign this year.

A photo from The Washington Star shows the new logo, which has the word “WAPO” in a red background and the word WASHINGTON in a blue background.

The design is based on a classic 1960s design by Robert Frost and will be inspired by a classic design by Ralph Lauren.

The Times will not have the name of the new company, the new name of its logo or any affiliation with the Times brand.

The new design will also be available for free to anyone who has registered their email address in the past year, according to The Times.

The logo will be made up of a blue outline, a red dot and a white outline.

It will be used in the same font, size and color scheme as the current design, according the Times.

The redesign will include new typography, graphic design, typography and colors, the Times said in a statement.

The logo will also have new graphics, according.

A graphic on the left side of the logo shows a red cross, the word AMERICA in a yellow background and a blue dot.

A different graphic on top shows a blue cross, a blue circle, a yellow cross and a red circle.

The colors will be red, blue, green and yellow, the newspaper said.

The Washington Post will also begin using a new name, the Washington Times of the Week, according a news release.

The name will be based on the city, the paper said.

The news service will announce the name in the next week or so.

The change is being called the “Wapato,” the newspaper added.

The change will take effect in the spring.

The changes will also affect the Washington Post’s online business, according Topps.

The news service is changing the name because “we want to be a more personal newspaper,” Topps vice president of news operations, Brian Litt, said in the release.

“Wapo means ‘home’ in Welsh.

We’re a Welsh-speaking paper that wants to be more than just the Washington Examiner.”

The Washington Times has seen a few changes in recent years, including a switch from its traditional title to “The Daily,” and relocating its business to its own website.

In October, the news service announced it was launching a new digital-only digital business.

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