How the freelance bookmaking industry is killing off independent bookstores

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the freelancing industry is a major driver of job loss in the United States.

As freelancers work for other people, their income is often tied to their books, and as book sales decline, they are unable to support themselves. 

According to the nonprofit bookkeeping organization the Bureau for Investigative Journalism, about 70 percent of freelance bookkeepers are female, and those figures are likely to rise, as more women enter the workforce.

“This is a growing industry that is becoming increasingly dominant in a very crowded market,” Jill Lepore, the organization’s chief economist, said.

In the bookkeeping industry, women are working in bookkeeping jobs in areas that traditionally have traditionally been male-dominated: the retail, office, and health-care industries.

“I think it is important to have that perspective and not just see the number of women in book-keeping, but also to see how many people are being displaced because of this,” Lepore said.

“There are many ways to be displaced, but this is one of the most visible.”

The nonprofit, which collects data from employers and employers’ representatives, also found that many bookkeeping employees are white.

And while the industry has historically been male, it is now majority female. 

“I think the reason is because it is a much more egalitarian industry than traditionally, because of the way we are trained,” said Liz Bowers, the executive director of the Bowers Literary Group, which supports bookkeeping careers.

“It is a very feminine industry, which makes it very accessible to women, which also means it is very open to women who are looking for a more open, creative way to make their own living.” 

But the freelancers association, which has about 1,400 members, argues that the industry is not creating enough jobs for women. 

The industry, like other sectors, is changing quickly, said Bowers.

“We are seeing a lot of consolidation of the book-related industries.

There is a lot more consolidation than we’ve seen in the past.”

She added, “I do think that women are really important in this field, but I do think it has to be done in a way that is accessible for everybody, not just women.” 

In the book industry, the term “bookkeeper” is often associated with a male role. 

Bowers said that many of the women who work in bookmaking are women of color, who are often overlooked in hiring decisions. 

In recent years, Bowers said, the bookkeepers association has been trying to recruit more women into the industry. 

There are currently about 10,000 bookkeepers in the U.S., with many more to be added, according to Lepore. 

Lepore said she is also working with several bookkeeping unions to ensure that all bookkeepers receive equal pay. 

She added that her organization is looking to create a system that would allow all bookkeeping members to negotiate their own wages, and that would help eliminate wage discrimination. 

As for the nonprofit’s goals, she said, “We want to create opportunities for people to make a living and make a difference.” 

For those who do not have access to a computer, Bower said, they can also help by using their free time to become a bookkeeper. 

Read more about the bookkeeper industry and the nonprofit Bowers group. 

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