“I’m an Israeli. I’m a Palestinian”

Haaretz: An Israeli woman who is a journalist in the occupied West Bank and has been detained in Israel’s administrative detention center for six months said on Monday that she was a “Palestinian”.

Haim Knesset member Meir Lau said she is a freelance journalist and a member of a team of three Palestinians who were detained in the West Bank’s administrative segregation area in the past month.

Lau, who was detained for six days, said she was being held on suspicion of being a member or supporter of Hamas, a terrorist group that is listed as a terrorist organization by the United Nations.

“I am an Israeli citizen.

I have a residence permit, a residence document.

I work for an Israeli publication,” she said.”

It’s not clear to me who are the people who are responsible for this.”

Lau was detained at the end of March.

She said her arrest was due to “a report of a possible terror attack” and she was held for more than three months, before she was released.

Her detention is a violation of the UN Convention Against Torture and other laws, she said, adding that she is not a member.

“When they take me to administrative detention, I am in administrative detention because I am a Palestinian,” she told The Jerusalem Report.

“They are not taking me because I’m an American citizen.

They are taking me for something else.”

She said she has received numerous phone calls from the Israeli authorities, including threats to her life and that she has been subjected to “physical abuse.”

“I feel I have to speak out,” she added.

“This is the only way to prevent more Palestinian deaths in the Israeli Occupation.

It’s a violation.””

Hamas is not the enemy, they are the occupier,” she continued.

“The only thing that I would like to ask the Israeli Government is: What are they going to do to me?”

It is not my intention to join the Hamas organization.

I want to join a political party or I want a political movement that has been around for a long time.

I would not want to become a member [of the Palestinian political party].

“Lau is the third Palestinian journalist to be detained in administrative segregation, along with Ziad Hijazi and Nada al-Zahar.

The two journalists are known for their critical reporting and outspokenness.

Hijari has been held in administrative isolation since March for his reporting on the death of a Palestinian man killed by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip.

Zahar, a Hamas member, was arrested in September after writing an article for the Israeli newspaper Maariv.

His article alleged that Hamas is behind the deaths of Palestinian civilians and said Israel had been using “military force to prevent the Palestinian people from forming a political solution to the conflict in the [occupied] West Bank.”

A Palestinian journalist who was also detained in January in the same administrative segregation as Lau said he was detained because of his reporting, which is critical of Israeli policies and the occupation.

The Palestinian journalist, whose name was withheld by the Israeli government, said he has been in administrative separation for two years and is not affiliated with Hamas.”

We are prisoners in our cells, we are detained because we are a Palestinian.

He said he did not know why his detention was being conducted, but added that it was “very unfair.”””

I am a journalist and I want the world to know that there is a right to freedom of speech.”

He said he did not know why his detention was being conducted, but added that it was “very unfair.”

“This is a systematic policy that aims to limit our ability to speak about the occupation and to continue our struggle,” the Palestinian journalist said.

In addition to the Palestinian journalists, there are two other Palestinians detained in Israeli administrative segregation centers in the Ramallah area, and a third Palestinian arrested in the town of Beitunia.

In January, Israeli authorities arrested a man for writing a letter to the Israeli Supreme Court, which said that Israel was “a racist and a fascist state” and should be “punished for its crimes.”

The man, named in the letter as Muhammad Salameh, was held in the administrative segregation center for four months before being released.

“They said that we are spies and we have been arrested and then we have received phone calls threatening our lives,” the man told The Israel Democracy Institute.

“It’s very clear what is happening in Israel, that we have to be scared.”

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