How to use Google Maps to help protect your privacy and make smart choices about how you share content

National Geographic’s Global Privacy & Safety team has released a new tool that helps you understand the legal obligations for online companies to collect and share information about your online behavior.

The tool is called Google Maps: Privacy & Security for All.

The project aims to help consumers understand what the legal requirements are for online platforms to collect, use, and share data about their online behavior and the legal consequences of that behavior.

The tool has two components: a dashboard with a dashboard of the current legal and privacy obligations for platforms to share data with the government; and a legal brief to explain what legal obligations a platform must adhere to in order to collect data and how to properly protect it.

Google Maps: Policy & Legal Information has been developed in partnership with the Digital Citizens Alliance, a coalition of organizations dedicated to creating digital governance and protecting civil liberties online.

In addition to the Digital Citizen Alliance, the team includes the Open Technology Institute (OTA), a digital rights and open technology nonprofit.

Google’s new tool is intended to help make informed decisions about what you can do online, says National Geographic Global Privacy and Safety project lead Robyn Miller.

“This is the first tool that’s been built specifically for users to understand the different legal frameworks for online platform data collection and use.

We wanted to get this in front of the users as quickly as possible,” Miller says.

“We also wanted to create tools that people could use, not just for the legal framework but also for the ethical and social responsibility to understand how platform data is being collected, how that data is used, and what the implications of that data are for consumers.”

For the project, National Geographic teamed up with the Open Data Foundation (ODF), a nonprofit organization that helps developers and companies create tools to help people better understand their privacy rights.

“When you use Google, you’re also giving the platform the ability to see who’s using your data, so you can better tailor how you want to use it,” says ODF director of legal and policy research and development Jennifer Zilber.

“But this tool will help you understand these different legal obligations and how companies can help protect consumers.”

To learn more about how Google collects, uses, and shares data, you can learn more at the Google Maps Privacy & Privacy FAQ.

To read more about the Open Education Fund, visit our Open Education Page.

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